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Name:   Bermuda Triangle   Current Flow: 5.77ft Recorded on 04-16-2024 6:45:00 AM
River:     Water Temp: 59.54 *F 15.3 *C
Country:   United States   Turbidity: 27.8 FNU
Region:     PH: 7.9
State:     Min Flow: 2.6ft
City:     Ideal Flow: 2.8? was 2.9ft
Lat, Long:     Max Flow: 3.05ft
Gage Name:        
USGS Gage#:        
Gage Url:
Predict Url:,1,1,1,1,1

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Bermuda Trianglesqrtbtr08-01-2021 12:00 AM0ft10
NotesRocks have shifted below the fishladder and 2.9 is now very powerful and scary rides can be had. At 2.77.278 the outer seam at river left flow/fishladder right confluence was very easy entry with hand paddles and decent was controlled with exit right to eddy or the middle of the river (left). Entering into the middle of the fishladder flow produced sustained downtime with hand paddles that can result in travel below return eddy (no pfd). Current is strong enough to pull rider with pfd, paddle and extra flotation under easily. I updated ideal level as 2.8 but someone may want to explore levels from 2.8-2.9 to determine when drawndown becomes less manageable, not as predictable and of longer unwanted duration.

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Bermuda Trianglejosh09-04-2016 12:00 AM2.77ft7
NotesStill ROWDY this low. Got great rides charging straight into meat with a stick. Takes you medium deep but never experienced the scary double suck. Rides entering from river right usually invited smackdowns. The other charc involves trying for the no travel rides by charcing in 3 feet upstream of the meat. Dance on the edge and keep your tips out of the meat, but give some paddle pushes back towards the meat when the current tries to return service you back into the eddy. If you drift into the crease, prepare for a looping carping smackdown if you don\t have a fast spinning charc established. Bring your biggest Hand paddles! Great session today with JB, Sara, And Rob.

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Bermuda Trianglesqrtbtr08-14-2016 12:00 AM2.88ft7
NotesThe flow from the fish ladder appears to have changed due repositioning of the rocks. The flow today also seemed higher and more forceful than I remembered at 2.9. The seam was ill defined and was more of a bulging herniated mound. The upstream edge had little form and curved and meandered. My exploratory entry charc into the center of the fishladder flow sank me quickly and with out of control force. I had both my compression vest and my pfd on and was using my stick. I surfaced downstream alongside the rock and had to use an amphibious attainment. Probing the upstream edge of the confluence without my vest resulted in some mediocre head under rides with little umph and the current tended to push you into the upstream eddy after a few seconds. I had a spooky ride entering the main current solidly in the right side of the fish ladder flow and sank easily so that my head for 3 feet under. After a few spins, I got a double suck that had my hurtling towards the bottom. I saw dark shapes on the bottom and continued to descend even though I put on the brakes and was madly grabbing water with my hand paddles above my head to no avail. After what seemed like an eternity, but was mostly likely 3-4 seconds i finally began to rise and I exited with a black attack much to my relief. Be careful out there until we figure out the new conditions. Bryan Kirk said that Steve G. had commented yesterday at the same level that Bermuda was very powerful at this level.

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Bermuda Trianglesqrtbtr09-04-2015 12:00 AM1.33ft5
NotesGauge 2.67. Hand paddles. I was surprised to get decent rides at this level. Entry to the realm could be achieved either by charging into the middle of the seam while riding the fishladder flow or by cleaving into the seam by ferrying across the main flow from river right into the center of the fishladder flow. The cross river entry provided more velocity and the bulge of the fishladder flow as it met the main current aided entry so it was easier to bury my nose and cleave into the seam before winging down. 10-15 second rides with my head 3-4 feet deep were achieved, however the downdraft was not always predictable and on some rides the top of my helmet was only a foot under water. Clockwise charcs. It was an easy return to the staging eddy or to ferry back to river right.

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Bermuda Trianglejosh07-20-2011 12:00 AM2.86ft8
NotesFishladder flow seems more broken up than in past years. Seam line is meandering and bowed out not straight and crisp. Downstream fringe into the meat still drops you good, but get into the main flow too much and it\s up button time and dash for the eddy. Upstream fringe is weaker but smooth no travel rides in the green room are still available. Sweet solo session today as team Bermuda was enroute to Jimicup. I was feeling lucky so I dipped in under a couple rafts even black attacked one. Also simple pleasures was going off! Way more powered up than Bermuda.

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Bermuda TriangleSteve G10-13-2010 12:00 AM2.9ft10
NotesWith the spring high waters it seemed that Bermuda changed quite a bit and I struggled there significantly! I am not sure I was at Bermuda at the exact level where it is epic and if a few hundreds in either direction will make it fickle, but yesterday was absolutely amazing! One of the best sessions I have ever had at Bermuda--Visuals were the best I have ever seen--not quite as clear as the Alley when it is like Gin, but about as clear as I have ever seen the Po. Awesome whirlpool strings and bubbles were everywhere!!

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Bermuda TriangleSteve G06-24-2010 12:00 AM2.95ft7
NotesMaybe we are all just getting older and wiser or wimps. I remember Stro and I coming out at levels well above 3.0 without PFDs and playing here. I got an e-mail from Sarah A. this morning suggesting we bring full floats after talking with Stro about the previous days session. Tonight we had JT from Tenn, Stro, John Bell, Sarah A. and yours truly and we were all happy to be donning our Full Floats. That said, it looks like the high water this spring has channelized the Fishladder flow more upstream resulting in the seam being more powered up below 3. Fortunately, it does not appear that any rocks shifted into the drop zone. However, all of us at todays level were at least a little out of our comfort zone entering the realm. John and Sarah tended to work the upstream fringes while the rest of us flirted with the meat resulting in a Dexatrim ride or two for each of us!

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Bermuda Trianglestro08-30-2009 12:00 AM0ft
NotesAdded the url for the Little Falls prediction.,1,1,1,1,1

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Bermuda TriangleSteve G07-14-2009 12:00 AM2.99ft8
NotesI wanted to give a quick update on Bermuda as it tends to change a little each year, especially with high water springs, which we had this year. First off the phone is still off. Subtract .12 from the phone reading to get the actual gauge reading--this pretty much works for any level. We held the eddyline squirt comp at Bermuda this past weekend and there were several rides, myself included where the up-button did not want to work. Today, about .05 lower which is about 250 less cfs, I still got jostled around a little with the stick. However, the hand-paddle rides were smooth and there were no up button malfunctions. The spring also seems to have deposited some rock in the upstream eddy that is only about 4 feet deep--I have tapped it on quite a few rides going upstream but it is friendly as far as rocks go. Finally, it looks like the level will be good pretty far down this year as it looks as if the flow coming out of the Fishladder is more concentrated toward the upstream end. Last year it was somewhat split in two making the seam pretty weak around 2.8 and below. If the Po gets that low we will find out for sure but if I had to guess I would say that it will be good down to atleast 2.7 this year.

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Bermuda TriangleSteve G10-06-2008 12:00 AM2.99ft7.5
NotesSeveral weeks ago there was a so called upgrade or atleast a software change for the Little Falls Gauge. There is also a phone number to call for the gauge (301-320-7325). The two gauges use to pretty much exactly correlate with one another, but that is no longer the case. Some really funky localized rain patterns made it really difficuly to get a grip on what was going on with the gauge. After doing some research the past couple of weeks though things are starting to clear up, allowing us to get some some solid beta on levels. It appears that the online gauge is still pretty close to what pre-software change levels were. However, the phone gauge appears to be .12 higher pretty consistently--atleast at the Bermuda levels. The 2.99 is the online gauge and Bermuda was a little on the high side--scary rides, what I like to call the floating-leaf-in-autumn effect occurred on several rides this session--I was definitely trying to stay on the upper fringes this session. I will journal more as more gauge beta is discovered.

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Bermuda TriangleSteve G08-04-2008 12:00 AM2.9ft11
NotesHoly freaking wow!!! This was perhaps the best day I have ever had at Bermuda. What a difference .01 (50 cfs) can make on the gauge. The previous day and the day after was 2.89 still really good--I would rate 2.89 a 9 or 10 scale, but today was like nothing I have ever experienced. I dont think I found the new rock once this day--strange that Stro did and I did the day before but not this day. I was head down at least 9 out of 10 rides. You could totally blow your entry charc this day and just spin back around from an ender or back ender and level off around mouth level take a few spins and just wait. Eventually, it would grab you and you could simply stick your hands up and feel yourself drop at the rate that you see actors sink in quicksand in the movies. It was cool to see both Dan and Stro getting gradually sucked down!! It was strange that some rides were straight down and then straight up and others you really travelled. The ironic thing was once you were down you could not tell which kind of ride it was going to be of course that is part of what makes Bermuda Bermuda. Dan is really starting to figure things out--he had his first ride where he felt compression!! I had the longest travelling ride I have ever had at Bermuda that was just epic. When I dropped in there was this piece of seaweed that stayed with me most of the way directly in front of my face and the sun was shining through bubbles that was really ethereal. I expected to come up in the eddy but instead popped up less than 10 feet away from the rock that forms S-turn hole. Stro had already left, but Dan and I both looked at each other and simultaneously exclamed Holy Shit. This is the primo level for Bermuda!!! I just checked USGS for the past couple of days and it looks like this day was actually 2.89 while the others were around 2.86 to 2.87

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Bermuda Trianglestro08-02-2008 12:00 AM2.88ft9
NotesAwesome level and great session with Steve G & Dan M. Theres a new rock on the bottom, well I think its new cause Ive never touched it before. Not exactly sure where it is, but Ive tapped it a couple of time today. Its probably on the up stream fringes, cause I had some very deep rides in the meat of the seam where I didnt touch anything. Water is nice and green, pretty good visuals.

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Bermuda Trianglestro06-29-2008 12:00 AM3.27ft7
NotesSuceesfully sessioned with Steve G & Dan Mayer on the upstream seam. Got a bunch of decent rides and only a couple of scary ones. Luckily I never got flushed downstream into the heart of the triangle. Should I change the max level?

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