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Name:   Three Forks   Current Flow: 97.0cfs Recorded on 07-22-2024 10:15:00 PM
River:     Water Temp:
Country:   United States   Turbidity: ?
Region:     PH: ?
State:     Min Flow: 300cfs
City:     Ideal Flow:
Lat, Long:     Max Flow: NO MAX
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NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksru-tang07-16-2010 12:00 AM0cfsjuicy
NotesSummer 2010 report: Start with the bad news first: There is a tree in the staging eddy. When I went to a dip around 900 cfs, the tree is not totally in play. It is along the shore, and the water is moving around it, but it is only knee cap height deep water. Any higher, and theres too much water moving into it. As it gets lower, and lower, the spot will get safer and safer, and it should be not in the water at 700 cfs. Good news: The squeeze is still there, and at with the flows MF-900 ish NF 250ish It was super juicy! big air sucking whirlpools forming on a very regular basis. This summer you stage out of the RL side. I was timid, with my PFD on, and got some good zero travel neck deep rides. The runout is not super long, its like a big hole in the gravel, about 20 yards long, its real deep in the middle, but it gradually comes back up to knee deep. Its got to be real low, like 700 in the MF. Worth the sink on a sunny day, even if you just ditch the boat and swim through it! When I was there, some guy caught a big rainbow trout in the squeeze, and was panning for gold, very magical place . . .

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksru-tang04-13-2010 12:00 AM0cfs
NotesIt was the highest I had ever tried this spot, MF @ 750ish, NF 400 ish The spot is still there although the put in pebble beach is moved around differently everytime I go. The north fork was a little high, taking over the staging eddy, but the line was very juiced up. I was being timid most of the time, but it was still very smooth entry taking me deep. back-cuts and regular charcs worked, from every possible entry spot. When you drop in at the point, you seem to drop deep into an underwater eddy, and after a couple spins, I feel a double suck, and at that point, I usually hit the up button and you are not but a couple feet down from where you went in. The gravel is always moving here, and it seems to be making a better recovery eddy, but I am afraid that if we get some high water, it will blow out some of the bars that are making the structure, hopefully it will change for the better. For now, sink is on and good. For my money, the lower the better, lets put it this way, I have found the high end, and I am waiting to see the low end

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksru-tang12-06-2009 12:00 AM0cfs
NotesSo I probed it out in the snow today. The convergence has moved from what it looked like in weavers video. I think that the new configuration of the spot is going to be more of a low water line, just because the eddy service is not perfect. When I checked it out at higher water, there was no eddy, but today, there was an ok eddy. probably wont work for hand paddles at this flow. the squeeze: it was pretty cool place, real pretty scenery. I wasnt workin that hard to go deep everytime, for two reasons: 1- I am not that good, and its not hard for me to keep my head up 2- it was f-ing cold! I had one great ride in which I had a little double suck and had to use my up-button. well worth taking more trips to dial it in. but I might wait a while till it starts warming up, and who knows what will happen with the springtime highwater. I actually think that lower water might make the squeeze a little more potent cause the water will be more channelized, just a thought todays gauge: M-fork: 679 cfs, N-Fork: 250 cfs

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksweaver04-27-2009 12:00 AM400cfs0
Notes400cfs in the nork fork, 1000 in the middle.. bad news, the middle fork channel moved and got filled in with sand, so the convergence is gone.maybe it will work at higher water in the middel fork, or a flood event will have to clear it out. bummer.

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Three Forksigodwin07-06-2008 12:00 AM750cfs5
NotesFound the building but not the elevator down. Maybe not enough water. I got down to my shoulders/neck a couple of times, but never felt the that loving tug that wants to take you deeper. Its hard to know what the possibilities are when youre new to a spot and theres noone there to provide beta. I probed around in what I thought might be the best spots; no love. Anyway, its a quick shot from Seattle. With the sun out (it wasnt when I was there) it would be a beautiful spot to hang out. With no sun and moderate temps it was still pretty nice. Water was cold. N. Fork was clear. Middle Fork was silty/cloudy. Id be willing to give this spot another go with some local supervision.

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksweaver06-15-2008 12:00 AM900cfs8
NotesNF was 900cfs, MF was 2400cfs... it looked SICK. even better than when i was there at lower water. Didnt get in the water cause it was late, but i would totally drive 3 hours to check it out at this level again..

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksweaver02-18-2008 12:00 AM380cfs8
Notes380cfs in the North Fork.... 790cfs in the Middle Fork... it was sweet! could have had more water in both....but still great at this level. NF was clear water, MF was silty..

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Three Forksweaver09-15-2007 12:00 AM50cfs0
NotesNot enough flow coming down the North Fork... didnt get in the water, only a visual exploration. I stopped to look at in on the way to Rainier(sept 15,2007), and the North fork looked way too low...could wade across it. so i would guess this spot would be in during the the rainy season. NF had 50cfs.... MF had 150cfs in it...

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