Selected Spot: Rocky Island        Current Flow: 3.67ft

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Name:   Rocky Island   Current Flow: 3.67ft Recorded on 05-30-2024 12:45:00 AM
River:     Water Temp: 74.3 *F 23.5 *C
Country:   United States   Turbidity: 4.3 FNU
Region:     PH: 8.2
State:     Min Flow: 3.0ft
City:     Ideal Flow: 4.2ft
Lat, Long:     Max Flow: 5.0ft
Gage Name:        
USGS Gage#:        
Gage Url:
Predict Url:   none defined... find one at NOAA

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NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Rocky IslandSteve G11-25-2009 12:00 AM4ft2
NotesAveraged 10 seconds of watch DT (min 4ft depth) per hour this day. My advice is if you want to go boating on the Potomac at this level dont plan on quality DT at Rocky--bring a long surface boat and do some surfin!! I hope to get some exploratories at 4.4 and above here--4.3 to 4.4 range is quality

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Rocky IslandSteve G10-29-2009 12:00 AM4.35ft7
NotesI was finally able to make it back out to Rocky close to the same level as the other journal entry on here that was rated an 8. It seams Rocky goes from a spot where you can do mysteries to a bonafide mystery spot at this level. While not real consistent the rides you get here are most definitely epic and if there was nothing else going I am pretty sure I would drive two to three hours for this spot. I was probably hitting between 20 to 30 percent of my rides and they were long and deep with lots of travel!

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Rocky IslandSteve G05-27-2009 12:00 AM4.31ft5
NotesI am not back to square one--the rides I got were still amazing. However, I was probably one for every twenty attempts--not worth a long drive but definitely worth getting your head wet after work.

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Rocky IslandSteve G05-22-2009 12:00 AM4.01ft6
NotesAs far as the Charc goes everything stays the same here as the 5/20/2009 entry. The rides are still good...just not as good as 4.3 on 5/20/2009. I broke out the hand paddles this day and actually had better luck with them than the stick. The 5/20/2009 session was exclusively stick. Today is May 27, 2009 and it looks like another 4.3 session after work. I will have to break out the hand paddles today to see what they can do.

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Rocky IslandSteve G05-20-2009 12:00 AM4.37ft8
NotesI have been squirting this spot for 3 years without much success. I have had a couple of epic rides here in the past at lower levels but nothing when this spot is above 4 feet. That all changed on this day! In the past I always tried to engage the seam that is connected with the eddy. However, when I went out to surf the wave this day I noticed what looked like another seam about 3 to 4 feet out from the eddyline seam. I started experimenting with this seam and after 7 or 8 tries started getting some decent rides using a regular right charc. My perserverance paid off here and by the end of the session I was getting some epic downtime. The Charc I was using is as follows: I would paddle to the top of the eddy and try to get as close as possible to the little pourover, which is not that easy. You need to keep your bow up to get past the first seam, which is tempting you to engage. Dont enter this first seam, instead, ferry out 3 to 4 feet and look for a building 1 foot wave coming down at you. Drop your bow a foot under water here and wing down. When you hit it right it will drop you to about 4 or 5 feet into calm green water where you can start spinning away. It will feel like you are travelling no where, which is rarely the case. Sometimes you hit a subtle double suck that will take you to 8 or 9 feet--the double suck is smooth and sweet. When you hit it you will come up 80 to 100 feet downstream!!

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