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NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Cats PajamasTriStar08-16-2011 12:00 AM0cfsmysterious
NotesHappy to report that the pebble beach on river left bank is back in this summer thanks to the winter floods. Main left spot has been giving up great coast to coast rides for those who can hold back the furry and reach the laminar layers. The river right (road side) spot known as TORPEDO has been serving up reverse coast to coast rides as well, just be mindful of the gentle splat rock downstream. If you get around the boulder (like Mr. Evans) you can catch some smooth roaming waters with great pressure zones.

NameUserExplore DateExplore FlowQuality
Cats PajamasJeremy Pou07-28-2011 12:00 AM1250cfs7.5
Notes Thought I would elaborate a little more on the main river left spot for the non Ocoee squirt boaters that have never been here. Normal release levels are good for this spot anything from 1100 – 1250 cfs. The higher levels get harder as the eddy line gets burly. Cats is a powered up squirt spot to say the least. The main spot is on river left at the very bottom of the rapid. The main flow piles up on a large rock and falls off to the right side. This flow meets with the flow heading from center right to left and makes a squeeze of sorts. The main problem with the spot is the inconsistent and turbulent eddy line. The eddy boils and surges as you are moving up stream to charc in. This boiling eddy is the reason for the spots inconsistency. Other than that it is as good a spot as any. The charc is a traditional lefty right beside the rock. I try and get as much of my boat up and into the slab as possible before I initiate. The charc is hard and aggressive but when you hit it right it will send your ass to the bottom of the river. The initial drop takes you down 5 or 6 feet. If you manage to hold on through this initial drop you will find yourself falling off a shelf that takes you down to the 8-10 foot range. Depending on the ride you will sometimes drop 4-5 feet more. These rides are dynamic! Sometimes you will stay in the big eddy on river left and sometimes you will traverse across the river ending up on river right in the big right eddy (coast to coast rides). And some times you do both. A good ride here can be between 20 and 30 seconds if you get the good deep ones. The spot serves up consistent 15-20 second rides for the veteran who spends enough time here to figure it out. The channel is clean and safe for the most part. I never fear anything here during a mystery with the exception of a few rogue rafts here and there. There are a few rocks down there in the deep channel and I have hit them all. I have had them throw off my ride on occasion but never have they prevented me from coming to the surface. Hope this helps the few who are passing through the area and visit this spot JPou

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